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Do you overpay or under claim?

Don't know?

Whether it is customs duty refunds on imports, duty drawback on exports, fuel tax credits or grants for cleaner fuel used in your business, we can undertake a free analysis of your data and provide you with an assessment of the opportunity for adding dollars to your bottom line. 

Generally, you have a four-year window of opportunity to claim on past transactions and, from experience, the probability of finding missed opportunities is high.

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Anti-dumping and countervailing

As an Australian manufacturer, are you suffering from import competition, e.g. are you losing sales or are margins on your sales being reduced because of goods sourced from overseas?

Alternatively, do you export goods to Australia and are you and your local distributor being accused of selling these goods in Australia at dumped and/or subsidised prices? 

Applications we have lodged on behalf of Australian manufacturers  have been successful in getting additional duties imposed on dumped goods plus we have successfully defended exporters and importers in other cases against allegations of importing dumped goods.

Whether you need to:

  • Prepare an application for lodging a complaint
  • Respond to a questionnaire sent to you once an investigation has commenced 
  • Prepare for an onerous verification visit as part of the investigation process
  • Lodge submissions countering the allegations or statements being made against you
  • Request an accelerated review of measures as a new exporter
  • Prepare an application to have expiring measures removed

we have the skills to provide you with the best representation. 

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Projects in mining, resources, construction, infrastructure and manufacturing and government funded projects

Did you know your project could be eligible for customs duty concessions on imported capital equipment or that you are required by law to have an approved Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Plan for any project with a value of $500 million or more (or much less for government funded or Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects)?

Whether your project and imported goods are eligible for duty concessions under the Enhanced Project By-law Scheme (EPBS) , the Tariff Concession Scheme (TCS) or a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) or you need to lodge an AIP Plan as part of the tendering requirements, we have prepared and lodged many successful applications resulting in millions of dollars in customs duty savings and can assist you with what you require. 

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General services

We can also provide you with assistance and advice in the following areas:

  • Cross-border transaction planning
  • Customs valuation

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  • Tariff classification
  • Rules of Origin and Free Trade Agreements

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  • International trade law
  • Export controls
  • Tariff Concession Orders and other duty concessions

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  • Representation before government agencies and trade-related inquiries
  • Excise duty, fuel tax credits and cleaner fuel subsidies

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