Michael Roche, Director

Michael Roche, Director

The 'us' or'we' is in fact singular.

With over 34 years experience in the public and private sectors, Michael has a wealth of expertise in the customs, excise and international trade arenas. Establishing his own consulting practice is a departure from how he has operated in the past but is a logical progression in his career.

Prior to establishing Roche International Trade Consultants Pty Ltd, Michael worked for Deloitte as national leader of its Customs and Global Trade practice in Australia for over five years. In this role, he built a practice and was responsible for delivering quality advice to Deloitte's range of clients. Services for clients included:

  • Preparing and lodging applications for customs duty concessions under the Enhanced Project By-law Scheme and the Tariff Concession Scheme
  • Obtaining refunds when customs duty and excise duty had been overpaid or eligible concessions or credits had not been claimed
  • Applying to Australian Customs for rulings on customs valuation, transfer pricing adjustments, tariff classification as well as Tariff Concession Order and Free Trade Agreement eligibility
  • Lodging objections to decisions made by Australian Customs personnel and preparing requests for review of those decisions by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. 

Michael also received an innovation award for developing an extremely successful analysis tool which Deloitte still use today for identifying potential customs duty refund opportunities. Simple, but effective, data testing was done by building Michael's knowledge on tariff classification, free trade agreements and other customs related matters, into the software. This “business intelligence” set it apart from anything else in the market. Fortunately for you, this “business intelligence” remains with Michael.

Before joining Deloitte, Michael worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for over eleven years eventually heading up its Customs and International Trade practice in Sydney. Besides providing services to PwC clients similar to those listed earlier, Michael was responsible for assisting clients involved in anti-dumping investigations. He prepared and lodged applications on behalf of Australian manufacturers and was successful in having anti-dumping duties imposed on imports. Michael also represented exporters and their Australian distributors in other investigations and successfully defended their interests in disproving allegations of dumping, material injury and threat of injury in new applications or in having existing duties removed.

While with PwC, Michael was a project leader and globe-trotted in an eighteen month international exercise on customs and international trade related matters for a multinational company. At completion of the project, it was estimated that implementation of the procedures would save the client US$200 million annually in reduced payments of customs duties and penalties.

Michael spent over eighteen years working for Australian Customs prior to leaving for the private sector and finished his career in senior management. His focus was on the commercial side of Australian Customs and the areas in which he worked included tariff classification, tariff review, valuation, anti-dumping and the executive secretariat. Not long before leaving, Michael co-authored the Cargo Management Strategy which formed the blueprint for the trade modernisation program that is now in place within Australian Customs.

While working for Australian Customs, Michael took up the position of Customs Attaché at the Australian Embassy in Belgium for three years. While he had a broad liaison role, he represented the interests of Australian Customs before the World Customs Organization and the World Trade Organization and undertook anti-dumping investigations throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South Africa. 

Michael's experience provides him with a rare insight into a broad range of customs and related matters all of which will benefit you.